A global brand which is highly recognized with providing green solutions though its proven Air & Surface purification enhancement systems, products and technologies.
Solutions that impact positively and economically on current and future worldwide concerns: Health, Energy and Environment
With our partners we have studied what nature does to destroy organic pollutions by reproducing natural processes through advanced Photocatalytic solutions.
This and other Active Air & Surface purification enhancement technologies are incorporated into products.
PureSEEN brand devices, Winds, Chinook, Zonda, Meltem.

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technologies have revolutionised many traditional process/ production methods to create better, healthier, safer and more productive and profitable businesses

PureSEEN™ Technology

We have developed unique, safe, 24/7, Air & Surface disinfection solutions.

PureSEEN technologies is the only one that combines up to five nature-based technologies working together to treat indoor air like nature cleans outdoor air.

Using two types of ionization to reduce particles, UV and a catalyst to create oxygen and hydrogen based friendly oxidizers to reduce microbial contaminants, and low level ozone to reduce odors.

Unlike other products in the market, these air purification products represent active technologies that bring the solution directly to the problem, rather than requiring odors and bacteria to go physically through the unit (passive technology).

About Us

PureSEEN™ is one of MayzBXL products.

MayzBXL BVBA is an Innovative platform and international solutions provider pursuit for operational excellence, efficiency and profitability. MayzBXL distinctive solutions are based on creativity, customer centric & intelligent integrations to offer the right technologies and the best business processes reshape that meet our client requirements and needs.

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