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About us

PureSEEN™ is one of MayzBXL products.

Who are we?

PureSEEN is a provider of Green Solutions​, We have developed unique, safe, 24/7, Air & Surface purification enhancement systems,​ With our partners we have studied what nature does to destroy organic pollutions (Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Odors, VOC ( Volatile Organic components), ...). ​
We have successfully been able to reproduce these natural processes... creating devices capable actively Disinfecting, Decontaminating ,Deodorising and Depolluting ( 4D) Air & Surfaces permanently 24/7.
Providing organic pollution free environments, with high Air & Surface sanitary levels.
Our products are "dimensional", we can provide solutions covering from 10㎡ to 100,000㎡ and above !!.

About Us

PureSEEN™ is one of MayzBXL products.

MayzBXL BVBA is an Innovative platform and international solutions provider pursuit for operational excellence, efficiency and profitability. MayzBXL distinctive solutions are based on creativity, customer centric & intelligent integrations to offer the right technologies and the best business processes reshape that meet our client requirements and needs.

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Phone: (+32) 582 333 95