Partnerships with official and governmental offices

  • Alliance for investigation with public funds (subvention).
  • Biologist working for us for 2 years, developing applications at firms in the agricultural field.

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  • Improve ccompetitiveness and quality of agricultural products.
  • Encourage the development of new technologies in order to get further.
  • Modernization of intensive horticulture.
  • Develop an informative work with the ultimate goal of providing the industry.
  • The results of research and experimentation.
  • Improve training and increase the professional skills of agricultural.

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About Us

PureSEEN™ is one of MayzBXL products.

MayzBXL BVBA is an Innovative platform and international solutions provider pursuit for operational excellence, efficiency and profitability. MayzBXL distinctive solutions are based on creativity, customer centric & intelligent integrations to offer the right technologies and the best business processes reshape that meet our client requirements and needs.

Our Contacts

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